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Neither Links Nor Dumps

After watching my site slowly eat itself over the past week due to my too busy to be either posting or consuming anything interesting enough to be posting about status I decided to dump some links at very least. WordPress degrades a lot more gracefully than Movable Type when you go extended periods of time without posting so there isn't the looming disaster on the horizon to really push me to do anything other than write the papers I'm supposed to be writing and shove books into milk crates. We have an absurd number of books.

The spammer attempt at fucking with Jay Allen did surprise me a little bit. I've been getting hammered over the past week or so. My Spam Karma total jumped by about ten thousand in just a couple of days. Server load is shitty, as always, so it doesn't seem like it's adversely affecting page loads and whatnot. I'm reaching a point of frustration with spam that makes me want to punch people when they send me frivolous forwards. Jay Allen is the sort of person that spammer shits ought to fear. If anyone has a copy of the email with full headers could you send it to me? I'd like to follow the trail as far back as possible since this particular spammer did more than activate a bunch of 'bots and did it as a personal attack. I mean I'd rather have the person behind it torn apart by a pack of wild dogs but until that's possible over TCP/IP (note to self: begin hacking the 'tear apart with pack of wild dogs' protocol immediately) I'll have to settle for cheap shots where I can get 'em.

Speaking of weblog software and our prejudices, I was reading a pretty sane evaluation of migrations from MT to WordPress earlier tonight that was actually pretty helpful but I didn't bookmark it. Google is your friend: Switching From Movable Type To WordPress. One really good point made in the post is that you can do same directory migrations and have your old MT install still functioning (the old index.html versus index.php thing) while you finish and tweak the install. A lot of his complaints were related more to the default theme of WordPress than functionality. I'm still not convinced that particular theme (Kubrick) is necessarily the best for the default. I always liked the old minimalist/ugly one that forced to edit it before you went blind looking at it. The new theme system makes it easy as hell to switch though so...

There are a ton of police cars and screaming people outside. I guess that means it's time to get some sleep.

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  1. I’ve held onto the copy I received. It was direct-to-mx from a cable modem, so I assumed it was a zombie, but I suppose you never know…

    Let me know where to send it.

  2. Thank you so much. My username at this domain would do the trick. I really appreciate the offer. I’ll also send you email tomorrow morning.

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