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This is just going to be a quick and dirty jotting of things that I've been thinking about over the past couple of days. I'll spare all of us the bulleted list and just get to gettin'.

If I haven't answered a piece of mail you've sent me please don't be terribly surprised. We're moving into the new house at the end of the month which, of course, needed painting and carpeting and cleaning beforehand and this process coincides with the end of the semester meaning a gazillion pages of papers are due and finals are not far off. I'm a little more concerned with scheduling in showers than I am dealing with technical questions at the moment so pestering will not be rewarded. I'm guessing that I'll get around to the less exciting mail sometime in the middle part of next month. I'm just saying... unless you really want to know what I'm thinking about 'unhomeliness' in Homi Bhabha's Location of Culture in relation to Jamaica Kincaid now is not the time. Trust me, I'm not that exciting.

Speaking of email and the like, if you do use my Earthlink address (and I think I've already given most people who use that address a heads up already) please stop. That account won't exist past next week. You can hit me up by mailing goneaway at gmail dot com or by just goneaway at this domain. Earthlink really blows. Canceling service was an incredible pain in the ass. I understand the ubiquity of menu driven phone robots but their phone system is just plain broken. If you navigate through the 4 or 5 menu choices necessary to cancel service you're transferred to the phone line of weird clicks and buzzing. Then, you hear a message that sounds like it came from the distant past: The Cellular One customer you are trying to reach is... and then another click and dial tone. I had to badger someone into allowing me to cancel my account by refusing to hang up until I had either unhooked myself from this parasite or had a good explanation why the 'cancel account' function seemingly transferred your call into limbo. Two plus years and I wouldn't do again. Speakeasy has been ridiculously easy to deal with and will happily set you up without the necessity of a land line. So far my relationship with them has been nothing but cool. I also love the fact that the sales guy didn't try once to upsell me anything or slather on a bunch of unnecessary crap. This is a glowing review without service being enabled, of course, so we'll see if my opinion remains consistent. They did make a fabulous first impression and did somehow manage to kick Covad into high enough gear to get the loop installed on Monday. In an ideal world that would mean I could have DSL up and running by the end of next week. That isn't likely.

Since this had ended up being all about my problems with email and whatnot I might as well just put this out there: if you're trying to get a free ipod or whatever do not mail me in hopes that the allure of your Ponzi scheme will be too much for me to resist. I will warn you and then black hole you if it's mail actually intended for me. I'm not really reading lists right now so go nuts.

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  1. I am having the same problems with Earthlink. I’ve sent two written requests to stop service. Tried calling repeatedly, and not get through. When I did get a human she spent at least 5 minutes dodging shutting my service kept me on hold for 4, and hung up on me without completing the termination. I’d been member since before the Mindspring merger.

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