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A Return From Siberia

I'm technically back from the land the sleestacks and have real live internet at the house now. If I wasn't smack dab in the middle of finals week this would be cause for celebration. Instead it is a huge distraction rather than any kind of help. I made the mistake of doing a WordPress upgrade while writing my senior paper yesterday. The fault was mine as far as I can tell but I didn't figure out the whys until after I'd already restored my entire home directory with a back up copy. Note to future self: make sure that all CSS is world readable for upgrades in the future. Being offline for a couple of weeks gave me a new appreciation for all of the tools I'm accustomed to having when trying to get things finished. I'm tired and close to incoherence after spending far too many hours in front of a word processor than a text editor but I'm back nonetheless.

For some damned reason I'm generating SQL errors (the non-fatal kind luckily) when I use the array of post/preview plugins. Didn't notice that yesterday but will fix today. Argh! Upgrade! Argh!

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