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Stepping Around Extinction

My hopefully final interaction with the local telco is a wonderful reminder of exactly why I'm glad to pretend that they don't exist. Speakeasy does the miserable task of dealing with them now and I'm happy to chip in a couple extra bucks a month difference to 1) avoid the phone company tax for service I'm never going to use for anything but a carrier for DSL and 2) to switch the charge over to a provider who actually listens when you have a problem. When we moved I decided to just part ways with Earthlink for no reason other than the fact that they can't offer phone-less broadband and I'm tired of paying twenty extra dollars a month that doesn't return a single iota of value for the investment. People have cell phones and I think that eventually the market for the shared line plan is going to decline sharply. Christ. The local telco (which is a huge ass corporation most recently in the news for trying to acquire other semi-local megacorps) can't even compete with cellular plans so I have no idea how else they're going to stay firmly entrenched in anything but provided contracted backbone.They're sort of drifting into the same category of obsoleteness that newspapers inhabit.

Anyway, the final bill arrived today and I went to their website to toss my last little bit of money into the fire. Unfortunately because my account was canceled, albeit with a balance, I could no longer make online payments. I guess this is acceptable in one sense since each credit card transaction costs x dollars and all of that but what is completely unacceptable is I could still log in to the system and get to the point of submitting a payment until I was given any indication that it wasn't going to go through. It took a semi-painful phone call to find that out as well as an escalation to a second tier support person to get a straight answer. Eventually I was able to make my two dollar and some odd cents payment via their web site instead of writing a two dollar check and snail mailing it but the idea is just absurdly bothersome and antiquated. Goodbye foul phone company.

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  1. Hey, congrats on the new house, and good luck with all of your finals.

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