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I Collect This Crap Together And Pretend That It Has Meaning

One of the things that perpetually fascinates me which is made even more common and stunning now that we own the house we live in is how flimsy things seem when you're unfamiliar with them. I assume that people have the same observations about the work I do in their offices deleting registry keys and regularly consulting Google the whole time I'm there. I finally finished installing our washing machine and dryer earlier on this afternoon and sorting through the parts beforehand was pretty alarming in some ways. The tube with a couple of cheap tension clamps doesn't seem like enough to really drain all the water out of the washer at that speed. I felt the same way about the glorified tinfoil I used to attach the vent of the dryer to the shoddily assembled vent that leads to the outside of the house. It does actually work but it still leaves me with the feeling that everything could fly apart if a large enough gust of wind hit the house.

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