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One Of The Better Ten Minute Increments I’ve Spent Today

If you're in the market for some engrossing weekend reading go check out Jono Bacon's first installment of "Getting Open". For some reason that I can't quite fathom I've always enjoyed reading about how people got involved with computing above and beyond video games although this is usually the inspiration that underlies it all. The reason that I'm bothering to recommend it is that Jono does a better job of telling the story of emerging geekdom than most of the published accounts that I've read. Unfortunately throughout the IntarWeb Bubble it seemed like every publisher had to drag out a title by either an alleged revolutionary thinker or someone who came up in the golden age of computing and had something novel to say about it so most folks seem to dismiss this sort of writing with nary a regret. That's too bad because Bacon brings up a lot of pretty fascinating stuff that you might otherwise read about in your average weblog post like his dad's ascent from someone pissed off about the way that big companies mistreated employees and disregarded safety issues to becoming the mayor of Northallerton. Jono disclaims the piece as an autobiographical attempt but it really is albeit using the common thread of computing to tie a number of funny and appealing scenes together. It's good stuff and you should probably read it. Later on I'll try to bully you into listening to music I like and reading more books or something. Could you grab me a soda while you're in there...

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