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Dealing With The Jitters

I've spent the past week in that weird pre-travel state of being unable to concentrate on whatever is in front of me given the proximity of leaving the continent for the first time in my 33 years and the simple fact that there are still a whole lot of hours left here before we leave on that trip. It's some kind of mental inertia that is troubling. I've had plenty of thoughts that are possibly worth jotting down here but I feel like I'm in some weird limbo. Gah.

Lunar Linux announced a new ISO a few days ago. It seems like they've addressed a number of important problems like the incredibly complicated boot loader install and the rebuild of packages after the initial install in this version. I gave it a shot on my laptop about a year ago and was not sold on the older version although I liked a whole lot of the ideas behind it. They also did some major work on their build tools so creating ISOs for different architectures will be easier in the future. It's nice to see continued work on source based distributions especially with incredibly powerful machines becoming cheaper all the time. Installing entire distributions from source isn't as arduous as it used to be and despite all the smack talking it is really nice to decide how your software is compiled instead of working around it. Maybe a few months down the road I'll create a test box at work and give it a week or two trial run.

Monster Planet is publishing chapters now and the first two are already up for your perusal. I think I'm going to wait until there are a few more up to start reading it because I read pretty quickly and I'm always disappointed when I'm unable to finish things at my own reading rate. It is good to see that the third book is underway though and I look forward to reading a good chunk of it when I'm back from Korea.

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