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A Slightly Better Business Plan Than Extinction

Although I haven't had a reason yet to try out the new version of Netscape I tend to agree, based on past experience, that Ars Technica has the right idea in suggesting that AOL just give up on forking the FF code and just make a visually branded version of Firefox instead of breaking the application in order to push the idea that they've somehow "improved" the code base. I wonder how much brand credibility the Netscape name really has left since Mozilla and its siblings have eclipsed Netscape and left them playing a desperate game of public relations catch up. At least with the use of extensions, they can leverage what credibility they have left by becoming a trusted source for the installation of extensions. I imagine that the only way NS is going to slide its slow lumber towards the tarpit of destiny is to try to springboard their own crap after every publicized FF vulnerability. Anyone buying this?

I just noticed that the Macintosh I'm typing this up on has the 1.0 version of Firefox. Pity I can't do anything about that.

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