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I’m Not As Much Concerned With What Time It Is As What Day It Might Be

Yoon and I just got home from our Korea trip/late, late honeymoon. I would write something about it or post some pictures at least but my body thinks that it's not what time it really is where you're at o'clock and I've somehow managed to misplace not one but two different USB cables for the cameras. I need sleep on a cellular level and the kitten is following me around the house meowing in a voice hoarse from so much meowing over the past ten days or so. I'm going to at least try to get a few pictures up tomorrow and possibly the long (winded) version of some of the things that happened.

One thing that I will bother to mention here because it's pretty major and sad is that Jon Danzig of Libranet fame has passed on. That is just heartbreaking. The Libranet site has been replaced (until the 13th) with a notice and a straightforward admission that there will be delays. Fuck anyone who wants to complain about that. I imagine that there will be more details in the future about what happened to Jon and what the future of Libranet might be. I didn't know him at all other than as the founder of one of the better Debian derived distributions but his work remains admired and imitated.

I'm going to sleep now with hopes of waking up without a head full of fog.

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