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Pretty Much All Airports…

Pretty much every time I'm in an airport I see at least one crashed system so I had to take the obligatory tourist photo. To be fair, the OS wasn't exactly crashed but ran out of virtual memory and threw the error message up on top of everything else. That stuff (like most of the jack in the box horrors that Windows likes to toss up when you're trying to get real work done) really belongs in the system tray.

I like this photo because it kind of sums up leaving the U.S. I felt more of this descent into ugliness and disorder on the way back rather than when leaving. I'm still not sure that coming back was really the right choice. Armed with a little bit of perpective I'm feeling a lot of the things that bother me about living here pretty keenly at the moment. You should probably know that most South Koreans are not scared out of their minds by imminent attacks from North Korea or the creeping threat of the obsolete menace of communism. You can read whatever you like into that but I have definite opinions about how things are going to continue to decline on both the domestic and international stage over the next three years.

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