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The Old Volcanic Rock Analogy

I've been fighting let lag mercilessly for the last couple days which had been a mostly losing battle until the first day of work kicked my ass. Usually that means that you shape up under the onus of work and regularity and all of the other things that make working for hourly wages such a drag. I, of course, am not bright enough for this sort of strategy and came home to take a five hour nap after staggering through the first day. Although I'm kind of mad at myself for gumming the works up yet again I imagine that I needed that sleep since I managed to sleep through the sounds of the auto repair shop across the street. This event (the sleeping through the god awful racket that emanates from that place from early morning to late evening) might be singular so I'm a little torn in what to be guilty about and which is a boon in disguise. It's a guessing game I'm not prepared to participate in.

I woke up to read that drobbins has joined up with MSFT a little while ago. Obviously it wouldn't make any sense at all to post that news right after making the decision since the shit storm would almost outweigh the benefits of being willing to disclose news that is likely to meet with harsh criticism. The things is that Daniel has a wife and child and needs things like health insurance and a regular income. If his work as a liaison (is that the right term) between MSFT and the OS/FS world is helpful or productive that seems rather secondary. I made a trip over to Planet Gentoo just to see how people were reacting and it seems like most of the developers saw this (though not necessarily through MS) as something that was a long time coming. It probably wasn't the best possible outcome but more a case of making the best use of what's available and fits your needs.

On Jeju, one of the islands off the coast of South Korea, there are all of these crazy stone walls that look something like the one pictured above. After a day of driving past them and wondering what inspired people to spend so much effort stacking rocks up to make what I thought were pretty shaky walls being without any mortar or anything. It turns out that they're actually pretty permanent and do a fine job of keeping things from blowing into fields and people's yards. The island is covered with volcanic rock and this was just a case of having a bunch of it available whether aesthetically pleasing or not and making best use. The tour guide guy told a story (translated to me by Yoon) about the wall builder's male and female methodology for building sturdy walls without cement but I'm not entirely sure I'm buying it. What is pretty surprising is how extensive the wall building has become on some chunks of land. There are hundreds of feet of wall dividing rice plots and other crops that I can't imagine need that kind of protection or isolation but since the island is covered with these damn rocks...

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