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Just Rewards For Misunderstanding Demand

I've always been an advocate of stealing for a reason. The point of business in general is to give you something for a price that is less than its value, right? We're essentially talking about a rationalized system of agreed upon theft already to begin with. I really, really want to utilize the sarcasm tag right now. When a multi-national is plugged into something you appreciate, seeks to control access for reasons incomprehensible to those without the marketing trephination, and won't sell you what you want for a price that is fair to both parties in favor of speculation then you're probably giving the fuckers what they deserve. This example is really useful because the person who wrote it, unlike me, doesn't have an incredible amount of hostility towards the usual channels of distribution for music. He tried to do the right thing and even believed in the system that denied him what he wanted and concluded that some stealing was not only pardonable but actually necessary in order to circumvent the foolishness and utter lack of savvy on the part of the dicks in control. It's a wonderful and detailed explanation.

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