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If Only Business Journalism Was On A Slower Release Cycle

If you've been following along at all and I wouldn't blame you if abstinence was your choice in this particular matter, Forbes magazine has been cranking out the "FOSS is bad" articles again in rapid succession. The most recent example of piss poor even for business journalism sound bites the holy crap out of Theo de Raadt and makes him sound even more like Ed Anger than usual. All of this is embarrassing but unsurprising. What is a little more funny is the inclusion of a story from an alleged 'expert' who switched all of his machines from Linux to OpenBSD because of a comment about the placement of an item in a list that seemed to validate all of his worries about the allegedly chaotic development of the kernel.

Of course, the comment and its accompanying code is available in OpenBSD. Ugh. I guess therein lies the power of public relations and perceived image of a product. If only this had made it into the original article. That would be so much more rewarding.

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