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Before I Pass Out…

Some things:

Wordlog is finally included in Google despite the intentions of Google editorial staff to make the search part of their operation utterly useless. Extinction is staved off yet another day.

Playing Clue (the board game) when the score sheets are printed in a language you can't read is incredibly difficult. I sort of stopped trying after I realized that the uniformity of the character names are pretty much designed to keep players from being able to recall them easily.

Safecount racks up a whateva from me because if you know enough to respond to cookie advocacy then you know enough to know which cookies that don't expire for a hojillion years are appropriate to have kicking around on your computer. The problem with cookies isn't so much that sane folks think that your privacy is being dismembered by some direct marketing racketeer (and it is, after all) but that those trusted name and password combos are pretty easy for the script kiddies to get their grubby paws on. Terrible implementations of ideas that amount to conveniences really doesn't need cheerleading. The lazy and ignorant can do that all by themselves. So, here are a couple of suggestions:

If you're stupid enough to make some part of your site completely dependent on cookies make damn sure that you clearly label those cookies and give them a reasonable expiration date. Seriously, part of the 'choice' that everyone is so fired up about is knowing what the fuck is on your computer in the first place. If you're setting cookies (instead of sessions or something sane like that) for friendly purposes why not try extending that friendliness to someone other than yourself. I've heard that people buy more widgets when they're not pissed off at you.

Fireworks are exploding constantly already. It's like the Fourth has been moved back a few weeks the same way that Thursday became the new Friday at neighborhood bars in the recent past. I'm hoping that the house doesn't burn down given the intelligence demonstrated by firebugs earlier this afternoon when they were firing those expensive rocket things during daylight hours. The effects of standing up too fast would be more visually impressive than that.

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