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Because, Apparently, I Hate America

I just had one of those "Phew!" moments when I stopped by GoDaddy to check on the availability of domains. As stupid as it might be, I'm glad that the CEO's politics are linked from the index so I can avoid making the mistake of registering more domains with GoDaddy. The invocation of 9-11 has become the sort of silencing technique for the right that 'political correctness' once was. I'm not going to bother to run down a point by point rebuttal of his post because there really isn't much of substance to answer. The short answer: if your pain-by-proxy response to a video of human suffering is enough to short circuit any humane response to suffering in the present tense... I'm going to spend my admittedly meaningless dollar somewhere less outspokenly myopic.

What is most offensive about this is that it follows the same strategy as above -- go read the comments at his site and the largely canned responses. The link from the front of a business page that featured the post title is supposed to link the idea of supporting the troops to GoDaddy and Parsons seems a little baffled that people would have the opposite response to that pitch. It is after all a few years later and the Pavlovian response to the blatant manipulation of a few symbols isn't as reliable as it used to be. The surprised and persecuted act is getting similarly tiresome.

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  1. I have a couple of domains with them, one of which is up for renewal shortly. I’m curious what your suggestions for alternatives would be.

  2. The bad part of this is that all of mine are registered through Dotster. I did a little looking around though and noticed that e3 Internet actually has a whole page of standards they think all registrars should uphold. That sounds better to me.

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