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While My Aggregator Gently Weeps…

A few things worthy of at least my own note before I do the sad little stagger through the heat to fix broken Windows machines:

Blogging Pro is up for sale. No clues as to who might be stepping up to the plate or if anyone is even interested in maintaining a site that requires that much work. If you're a venture capitalist with money to burn on IntarWeb 2rev3 then please buy the site and hire me as its full time curator. I promise to bring the profanity quota up to snuff in the first month of my power mad lust for blood money new janitorial duties.

Google is getting into the online payment business but it supposedly won't compete with PayPal. I have no idea how that is supposed to work as there really isn't any useful explanation of what the payment system will actually be for other than it doesn't intend to step on PayPal's toes and its some kind of extension of the already existent infrastructure they use for AdWord payments. It's like Masonry and wealth redistribution all rolled into one sinister plot. Quickly! Run to the foil lined room in the basement and tune your radio to the far right side of the AM dial.

Ok, so not that much really caught my attention.

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