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Stupid Implementations Keep Things Free And Incredibly Annoying

There is little that irritates me quite as much as the incessant yammering of really fucking important business types who claim loudly and entirely in capital letters that their industry will collapse, taking most of Western civilization along with it, if we don't start following their procedures and recommendations. The CEO of DoubleClick is throwing his two cents into the brain raffle and the results are comical if clueless.

It might my lack of training in all matters related to apocalyptic business pronouncements but I'm guessing that if a whole lot of people take steps to block your advertising because it attacks them then you might want to try something different. The newspaper example he uses is completely bogus because most newspapers make absolutely zero on purchases and subscriptions and everything on advertising while offering mainly canned material from AP along with the usual home town curmudgeon opinion section in exchange. This is the reason that newspapers have to throw newspapers all over my lawn in order to inflate their delivery numbers so advertisers can pretend that their dollars are effective. How did I get involved in this circle jerk of lies and misdirection?

The 'so-funny-I-near-shit-myself-laughing' quote:

If any browser manufacturer considered implementing an ad-blocking feature as a default option, Smith said they should consider their own position as a marketer [of their own products] and a publisher of content.

"They would be harming their own customer relationships to create a short-term, short-sighted, limited-effectiveness tool," he said. "One that they would probably end up having to withdraw from the market."

Your description of the tool that people are voluntarily installing as an extension of their browser ought to sound awfully familiar because it mirrors the way most people feel about advertising that stabs you in the face in order to get your (unfavorable) attention. Hell, paid content would be worth it if only to see folks like this fella go back to pigfucking on the asbestos farm in Hell for his income instead of lying to and threatening both alleged customer and alleged consumer and having those lies and threats picked up as 'news'. Yeah, I called him a pigfucker. So what?

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