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Twofer Shit Sandwiches

Speaking of my absolute apeshit hatred of intrusive advertising: This week I've been sorting out the feeds I subscribe to that carry ads and those that do not. Guess what happened to the advertising pile? I should probably state it right here: I'm not offended by advertising and in fact make it a point to click on stuff that I'm interested in whenever I'm somewhere that needs support. Advertising in feeds is just not there yet and breaks formatting or renders weird or just looks out of place. So I dropped all of those subscriptions and made a promise to myself with fingers stealthily crossed behind my back to make an effort to visit those sites with a web browser more often than never. I'm not sure whether that will actually happen or not. The annoyance of bad formatting effectively negates the convenience of reading things via feed. I'm not sure how my anal retentiveness compares to the rest of the world but advertisers might want to consider working on their formatting a little bit before shoving it into feeds. The last batch of eliminations came after a number of seldom updated feeds I subscribe to just started blasting advertising into those feeds as content. Being excited about an infrequent writer finally posting something rapidly turns into rage when that post turns out to be an ad for some MSFT crap that I don't want and couldn't use anyway. Way to go.

Blogsnow is also becoming less useful all the time. They recently started using redirection in displayed links so you don't know where you're going until you've actually loaded the page. If I was that kind of asshole I would call it 'mystery meat navigation' but I'm not so I'll just call it annoying.

LinCity-ng is freakishly pretty and seems pretty stable. I played around with it for a few minutes and narrowly avoided the suction.

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  1. “BlogsNow is also becoming less useful all the time. …”

    sorry to hear that.
    I fiex the display link issue and I agree it is better with a URL preview.

    What else makes it less useful?

    Next time you miss something just drop me an email.


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