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Express lane posting here today:

Cafe Press gives their recommendations on weblogging for dollars or to use their own terminology to create 'buzz.' I eagerly await all of the half assed attempts at buzz generation that will likely flood Blogger and the other free hosts when this tip sheet disseminate through the crafts n' crap market. There is the usual advice about getting the notice of search engines and blah fucking blah but the gleaming gem of this comes at the end of this paragraph (snickering italics are mine):

Start a community with your blog, especially if you do not have a Web site. The more of a niche your shop is in, the better. If you have an "I hate butterflies" themed shop, use your blog to talk about this topic. If your shop is not themed, use the blog and talk about current events, what's hot, what's not, and create virtual conversations. Use your conversations to subtly talk about your designs.

Shouldn't you people be busy making millions on Ebay?

Just saw a package of Grapples last night. Yes, I am behind the curve in fruit marketing. I walked away from the $4.99 for 4 apples price tag but I also managed to carry away the idea that they were somehow a hybrid. Apples soaked in grape juice. Sigh. This does illustrate another reason why weblogs should be included in searches (and I've previously said the opposite): the first link relevant to grape infused apples that I found was actually to Adam Kalsey's weblog where my question was answered immediately. The rest of the results were based on the more traditional use of the English word 'grapple' (even with the addition of 'apple' to the search) that just happened to be in one sentence of an archived newspaper or something. That is one of the things that the proliferation of weblogs has added to search engines: a little more context as most weblog postings tend to be on the less wordy side and generally broken by post into different topics in addition to the categories that most people use these days. I'm not saying it's completely redemptive but it beats the hell out of 'Sports teams grapple with championship ... Apple Computer markets new and stupid toy' results that I'd have gotten otherwise.

Another big plus that I've found while using Mozilla Thunderbird: a 'load images' button that appears whenever images aren't loaded. I filed a wish list bug for the same functionality in Evolution a long time ago. It's nice to see that functionality implemented even if I'd rather have it in the context menu.

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