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Those Ugly XML Buttons Are, Unfortunately, Clicked All Too Often

Ben Hammersley has a great article up over at The O'Reilly Network on how to pretty up your feeds which assumes, rather correctly, that people are clicking on them and getting zero feedback after being presented with a screen full of gibberish. This is strictly CSS though Ben mentions the possibility of using XSL if say you really wanted to spend some time, thought the blind lungers for the pretty orange button needed desperate attention, and were relatively sure you were going to live to be a thousand years old. If nothing else, it is worthwhile for reminding us that users clicking on feed links isn't helpful to either them or us when they don't have a clue why the resulting page isn't sanely formatted (for human reading, I mean) or nothing else happens. I'm going to work on implementing at least the 'this is not a web page' part sometime this weekend. This post is a reminder to do that.

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