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Worthwhile Investment Of Time Off

I usually don't pay much attention to the threats people send to spammers through mailing lists because, for the most part, they're usually a variation on "take me off your list" that range a wide spectrum of grammatically challenged, incoherent, and completely capitalized. This one, sent to the debian-cd list, is chilling and perfect:

I have located you and will be coming to visit you
very soon. I will burn my vacation time gladly to put
a stop to you, and I won't do it a legal way. Just
wait for my knock at your door..... I can't wait, but
I'm I want you to know I'm coming.........

Yes, there are a fair number of errors and the ellipsis abuse is pretty rampant but reading it gave me pause for just a second. I think all 'out of office' messages should be as ominous and threatening as this.

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