Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


Every Opinion You Have Is Based On Self Interest

I've been absent lately due to the insane heat wave that I'm still not accustomed to even after x years of being tempered seasonally for my eventual trip to hell. That isn't the whole deal though. After the London bombings I developed an aversion to weblogs especially of the political bent. Say what you will about partisanship on either side of the right/left divide but I have a phobic reaction to death and suffering being used as a launch pad for whatever sorry agenda you're trying to push. I've had enough preaching from atop a coffin for a lifetime and then some. You've earned your Bulletproof Ideology merit badge now try some empathy.

I've been working on a really old lump of code so old really that I don't remember what pieces of it do. It's easier to debug half forgotten scripts than it is to try to understand people. This post by Blake Ross about his grandfather evangelizing Firefox to the head Rabbi of Israel is funny and sweet enough to dispel that feeling of disconnection somewhat. Sort of.

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