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Foot Slowly Extracted From Mouth

Although I've already apologized to Andreas in email for inadvertently (through shoddy writing) accusing BlogsNow of being useless but that shoddiness and inattention is probably worth a little consideration. This is a habit that I need to break. Although I believe in being totally merciless in the criticism of something that I dislike it's about damned time that I started being friends with things I like rather than assaulting them unintentionally. The worst part about this particular instance is that not only had Andreas taken the time to leave a comment on my more flawed than usual post but he'd already fixed the problem I was having with BlogsNow by then. I didn't like the redirection that obscured URLs and either did he apparently.

Even worse than being an asshole is just feeling like one. In his email Andreas also mentioned his thoughts on some of the other niggling problems (more conceptual and less about functionality) that I had with the site and it looks like the BlogsNow of the future is going to be substantially more interesting and less annoying. Those are two very admirable goals.

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