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Problems Faced When Your Head Is In The Code

I'm having a fit of apathy towards the web at least as an entertainment medium and continual fixation. I sit down in front of my computer with the intent of reading some sites and hours later I notice that I'm in an entirely different desktop debugging code. Unsure of what exactly is causing this sudden outburst of productivity, I'm going to go with it.

I did install PCBSD on my laptop since I was having odd problems with some of the Debian-based Linux distributions I was running on it. It seems like every distribution has its own broken-ness that it brings to Debian. So, for lack of a better idea, I decided to give PCBSD a whirl. I haven't had time to do much but install it (dead fucking easy even on an elder statesman of laptops with some hardware that can be problematic to configure. There isn't a whole lot of available software listed on their site but I'm thinking that after a few essentials (like a browser that isn't Konqueror) I'll probably just install the ports system and be done with it. I need development tools that are definitely not packaged yet so that gives me plenty of opportunity to see how that process plays out.

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