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As much as I'd like to avoid yet another boring and endlessly repetitious rant about using licenses without understanding that even the most super duper legal of them is open to some degree of interpretation. Tim Bray posted something today about someone basically aggregating his and others content into their site. Unfortunately they've already taken it down so I can't actually see how it was presented or anything but according to the copyright info over at Tim's this is probably permissible given that they weren't using his writing to drive sales (non-commercial) nor is it being sold. I'm wondering if Infrae just forgot to include the stipulated copies of licenses or what as they seem pretty aware of FOSS issues and develop some pretty Pythonic software. They also have a clearly marked contact page as well so go figure. Ugh. This all sounds so weird but I'm more curious about the circumstances and how the licensee might've (or not) violated the CC license in redistribution than anything. The fact that I'm at least 64% asshole might have something to do with it.
Tim pointed out in an update the above referenced post that it looks like they might have been including his stuff as part of a demo application. That makes more sense than simple Planet-like aggregation being an issue of anything but bandwidth.

Any of you types with extreme (that blink tag is going to have to do until something really eye gouging comes whirling out the w3c) corporate influence should seriously investigate floating FreeZope some cash money especially in the interest of getting the FreePlone project out of the planning stages. It's one of the few opportunities that most people have to play with Zope that doesn't involve a pretty major overhaul of your web server or the installation of a whole lotta stuff. Zope is an endless configurable and infinitely useful piece of software and Plone. Buy yourself some street cred and do the rest of us a favor by advertising the existence of your company/product in a way that is neither annoying nor offensive to non-CEO types who can actually generate their own thoughts and opinions about technology without virtually hosting the Gartner glory hole dollar orgy.

Obviously I'm really tired.

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