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Some things:

I'm pretty reluctant to speculate on what The Mozilla Corporation means but it still seems a little odd to me. I understand the need to publicly account for profit but that is entirely legal as a "not-for-profit" entity that doesn't have any of the weird restrictions and obligations that make actual non-profit status such a pain in the ass. They do allude to profit generating activities in the reorganization FAQ without mentioning what those might be. That is almost worrisome but I'm pretty content to wait on that one. Hell, this could be another potential for a code fork if stupid decisions are made. What makes me more confident than anything else is that the Corporation is made of the same body of people who have been steering things all along. This might be a public relations change more than anything else and probably easier to explain than trying to delineate the differences between not-for-profit and non-profit status. I really hope that it doesn't lead to major changes that will make any difference to people outside of the project as screwing things up when they've built so much momentum and positive response from the general public would be a squandering of ideas and work that belongs in the dot com bubble.

The FCC decision to reclassify DSL service as an "information service" instead of an extension of POTS is a little more alarming. You wouldn't have to read much background to realize that this is a pretty blatant move to try to erase the leads of a bunch of ISPs that offer service over price by leasing lines from the telcos. It's a little reminiscent of the pile of crap they tried to hand us in the early 1990's with 'data lines' with the excuse that modem traffic somehow put more stress on the trunks than voice traffic which if you know anything about TCP/IP is exactly ass backwards. We've got a whole lot of work to do once this administration is out of power restoring business opportunity to those who aren't old money in the business world because the transparent efforts to keep in the family economically is really damaging for those who want to launch new businesses. I wonder what would've happened to the Bells if an administration protective of railroad company rights had been in power...MCI would've been the most powerful telco company. We live in strange and terrible times.

Django looks like a pretty cool framework. Of course, I say this from the perspective of someone who has delved no further into the topic than reading about the features. It also helps that it's Python based and extensible without a permission note from Sun or whatever. Ruby on Rails is completely owning this area right now so I'm glad to see that other folks are stepping up to the plate and trying to get Python doing its magic on web servers where it is actually strong and often overlooked.

Mighty Mouse. I was wondering when Apple was going to make a Winmodem. Bleh. Software controlled. Bleh.

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