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Being Terrible And Inventive About It Isn’t The Same Thing As Being Good

I'm tired from a couple of days of relatively hard work and not hardly enough sleep. Sitting in front of a functional computer is rather novel. I'm still puttering away at the zombie game bit by tiny little bit and I've learned a whole lot about PHP while puttering. I thought that trying to program a game in an unfamiliar language would be an interesting/insanely frustrating approach to learning its ins and outs. I'm really wishing that PHP had some kind of internal DATEDIFF type function. I ended up hacking together my own (which sucked) and later swiping one from a better implementation posted by a user at I sort of forget where one stops and the other begins.

I received and plowed through both of Brian Keene's zombie books (The Rising and City of the Dead) at the rate of one per day -- a little like all day suckers that want to kill and eat you. I'm not sure that I particularly like how his living dead rules function but the books are solidly entertaining and far better than most of the other novels in this genre. For $7, as opposed to the $30+ The Rising was going for before the second edition, it's a bargain in terms of entertainment weighed against the embarrassment of reading zombie fiction voraciously.

The huge water cooler scene about Google versus Yahoo in terms of public relations bullshit versus tangible numbers is the hole in your head controversy of this fleeting, fleeting moment that you will never get back. Of course they're going to twist numbers. Google is still winning for me if only because the top results of any given search aren't polluted with paid placements. If you're going to give the search engine thing another whirl why not try to be a better fucking search engine. Tacking all the geegaws in the world onto the exterior of a search engine that sucks isn't going to keep more people around. You want people interested in non-geekiness to play around with your toys then make the site less cumbersome and evasive. Less is the new new more.

Question for the perverts: Does anyone know where the term 'slash fiction' came from? I was trying to explain the general concept to someone the other day and that was the great unanswerable question that stumped me. In fact, I was a little surprised the first time that it crossed my radar screen when I was intending to search for Slashcode. I don't understand the context of its derivation and eventually that dearth of knowledge about people who want to read about comic book characters participting in light bondage will drive me insane. It probably isn't the best question to shout out into the void but then again the filtration system on Team Murder has been broken for a very, very long time.

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  1. Slash fiction = fake pussy = guy tucks dick between legs = Todd Rundgren sees the light = a new genre is born.

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