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My Toybox Runneth Over

So, I've been meaning to post something here for what seems like weeks. This could be even more exciting than my typical "I didn't make this world or this motherboard" whine fest since I've recently acquired a whole host of new gadgets and whatnot. Those gadgets have been keeping me busy.

I've always wanted one of these and I finally bought one. They are the weirdest guitars ever because although they look pretty metal (there really need to be a 'metal' tag for HTML that would make your type all spiky and illegible) although not nearly as metal as the atrocities that come rolling out of the B.C. Rich foundry of plywood reinforced axxxes on any given day they actually predate the hyper application of spandex chaps and vowel/consonant transpositions (umlauts/happy-face-makers optional, of course) that dominated MTV in the 1980's. There is a promo still of Steve Miller rocking out one of these bad boys and I'm completely cool with that association. This guitar isn't a true Iceman which has a larger body and would probably bruise the hell out of my spindly little frame. I bought it mainly because I thought it would be fun to have around as a guitar to make all of my purist friends roll their eyes. Turns out that I like this guitar enough that it is displacing both Challengers as my primary instrument. It sounds amazingly clean even with the ridiculous strings I use (.056 - .013) and pushes a lot of volume when I lay into the strings a little harder. It looks goofy as fuck like I should have a crewcut and Vegan Reich hoodie on when playing it but I'm actually fine with that. Now we'll just need to learn a few King Crimson and Voivod covers...

I also bought a Zaurus. I think the Zaurus stands head and shoulders above any other gadget that I've ever owned or even evaluated as the shittiest implementation of a great idea bar none. Eventually I will need to drag its cradle and an extra compact flash card into work with me so I can flash the crappy ROM that resides in its guts at the moment to replace it with something that will actually play nice with other Linux machines. It is next to useless as is. Grrr... I now own more CF peripherals than I ever imagined possible. Until then I might as well yank my clunky old Visor out of moth balls and have something on my desk that doesn't serve solely as a collector of cat hair. It brings to mind the practicality of this other memorable use of Linux.

Yoon and I have matching Acer Aspire 300xxx laptops that just rolled in last week or so from Tiger Direct. I actually tried to order them from NewEgg but finally canceled my order after talking to one the most useless phone representatives in the history of bad shopping experiences:

Me: Hi, I'm calling because there was a problem with some of my billing information.
Evil: Yes, your phone number doesn't match the one on your billing statement.
Me: Uh, my phone number hasn't changed in over four years. I just looked at my account information on my bank's web site and they have the same information that I gave you.
Evil: I guess we'll have to try it again.
Me: So what happens next then?
Evil: Well, either your bank gives us the correct information or your order will automatically be canceled in three days.
Me: Wonderful. Can I talk to a manager or supervisor?
Evil: There is no one else.
Me: Well, in that case, I will take my $1500 fucking dollars and try somewhere else that doesn't wait three fucking days to verify the credit card info incorrectly on a rush order.

Um, so that ridiculous episode aside, I really like the new little boxes. Others have said that they've had trouble getting all of their hardware to work on the same model but I have everything working. All I really did was install hotplug, coldplug, and ndiswrapper. Yoon's is running Debian stable without problems. I'll eventually tackle the wireless issue on her machine as well but I'm pretty happy with the overall impression in the meantime. It's speedy enough for Gentoo's non-installation and seems to operate nearly as quickly as my desktop machine which is precisely what I wanted: a portable version of my desktop with some wireless capability and minus a bunch of blinking LEDs. Doing it for $600 a pop was icing on the cake. The project manager for the Zaurus still needs to be cock punched but otherwise I'm knee deep in interesting new stuff that I will pay for with interest in the coming years.

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  1. Cock Rock on my friend! I actually like those guitars and they are significantly less threatening to your street cred than a Bich or a neon Kramer.

    I’ve been seriously considering doing something musical involving other people again… Molly tentatively gave me the go-ahead. Have you recorded anything with the current project? Any shows?

    If you ever have trouble with Newegg again (or simply want to give them another chance) let me know – a good friend of mine (who should be at the wedding) works in their front office. I can put you in touch with her and she’ll do you right.

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