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The Pervasiveness Of It All

Sadly enough, I've been without any wireless device (excepting the cell phone) until just a little while ago. I find it both encouraging and incredibly absurd that I am posting this from the grilled to order teat of Burger King right now. Apparently I am the only foundling pulling at the burger teat right now because the wireless here is startling fast. There is something profoundly unsettlingly about that although it is new enough not to cost anything. It makes me wonder when fast food places are going to realize that free wifi actually works against the turn over as many seats as possible strategy that most fast food joints employ. The other strange part is that not only is wireless available but actual RJ45 jacks (!) and outlets. The ready accessibility of wifi seems like another bubble waiting to burst despite it being pretty cheap/easy to provide and a pretty powerful draw when choosing between a couple different varieties of generic burger. The other odd part is that it isn't advertised -- I just sat down at a table and spotted the jacks. I'm sorta loving it.

I had to correct any number of excluded verbs and whatnot. The sheer grease of a BK lunch apparently clogged the arteries that feed areas of the brain responsible for grammar and tense agreement. I'm not claiming perfection now, but most of the sentences in this post now feature subject, verb, and object. Yeesh. My eventual plan is to be fully awake and capable of coherent verbiage before three in the afternoon.

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