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There have been an absurd number of new toys released into the wild over the past couple of weeks. I've been playing with some of them but up until now, and now being nearly four in the morning, I haven't had a chance to write about any of them. Because I'm lazy, incompetent, and apathetic, I haven't taken any notes as I've plodded along. This is going to be a mess. No surprises there I suppose.


I spent some time messing with Flock over the past couple of days. I downloaded the developer release that required a password to download only to see it released to the world later that day. That shouldn't bother me but for some reason it does. I have the feeling that Flock should an extension of Firefox rather than a separate build entirely. As a toy to monkey with, I don't mind opening an additional web browser to click around a little before closing it and moving on to real work but that won't continue for a significant amount of time at least not for me. New things will noted and played with as far as the attention span will stretch, but other than my new accounts on the services that Flock promotes, this will pass more quickly from my mindscape than the term Web 2.0 will cross from the current events section into its more permanent home in humor. Here is what happened in real world terms: I fired up the browser for the very first time. It doesn't want to import anything but Opera settings despite the fact that I use the browser they're building this shit on top of exclusively. This is a fantabulous way to lose points. I did sign up for a delicious account, realized immediately that the little bookmarklet things would work in Firefox, and messed around with delicious in my real browser for a while and abandoned Flock altogether. I also signed up for a account which sits empty here. Again, signed up for the account and promptly switched browsers.

One thing that they do get absolutely correct is the proper handling of RSS feeds from the browser. Rather than coughing a thick and unattractive wad of XML when you've mistakenly clicked on one of those hideous little orange buttons Flock just says that there is no application associated with that protocol and does nothing. That isn't to say that it does anything fantastic but at least the application knows not to feed (heh) you raw XML and surrenders gracefully. Those features are wonderful but I've really got to see a finished implementation to even consider using Flock for anything more than monkeying around with a feature they've rolled in. The 'shelf' feature is also pretty cool as a you drag random things here to bookmark them feature. I'm not sure exactly what I'd use it for but it is pretty impressive to mess around with. The browser doesn't seem to like larger photos as I managed to crash it twice by dragging an 800x600 wallpaper into it. I'm also not entirely sure that I buy the weblog integration thing. How many people really still compose their posts in the text area box instead of pasting it in from a real text editor? I tend to think (and I'm probably incorrect) that more new users tend to do that kind of thing and that close pairing coupled with the crash and burn tendencies of a pre-beta browser is going to probably tick some people off. Or not.

As a preview Flock is impressive but if the choice were mine to make I might have kept the developer preview going for a little while longer. There's been a considerable amount of hype generated by their silence and a sorta ready beta is going to lead to some disappointments. Well, at least I signed up for a Delicious account a full year behind the rest of the world. All of that said, Flock is full of good ideas but really needs to make the browser more stable since a browser that gives you good interoperability between web doodads but randomly crashes isn't going to a browser that sees a whole lot of use. Releasing to the public is, well, releasing to the public. I'll be curious to see how the whole thing shakes out.

More coming but I was hard pressed to set aside a few minutes to get through this.

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  1. Well, I think it’s worth noting that two other delicious users bookmarked Team Murder before you. Very cool.

    Also, if you’re taking suggestions, which you didn’t say you are, but that never stopped me, you might want give 23hq a whirl.

    It’s a photo sharing thing. It doesn’t have a fraction of the features of flickr, but then, it’s not owned by Yahoo, either.

    P.S. Are you and your wife having a baby? Or did I dream that?

  2. Cool stuff. I signed up for an account and will begin uploading crappy pictures of mundane objects eventually. I had a Flickr account but it was more annoyance generally than it was worth. I like the simplicity of 23hq even if I have no idea why they named themselves so opaquely.

    I was a little surprised by the bookmarks as well. The one that actually had a description cracked me up. I don’t feel arty. It numbers among the many offhanded compliments that I initially take as an insult.

    No. No baby thus far. I probably need to graduate from college before that happens. Yoon just started grad school this semester as well. Eventually but not, like, soon.

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