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Easy Things Make Me Nervous

I've been using the Akismet comment spam plugin for the last couple of days and it's been absolutely painless so far. Until this morning I hadn't seen any indication that anything at all was happening. Although it starts me worrying this is exactly what a plugin of this sort should do. Past implementations of this sort of functionality have always fallen somewhat short dealing with the compromise between 'friendliness' (oh, term, how I loathe you) and configurability but Akismet seems a reasonably happy medium between not knowing what the fuck is going and needing to do everything yourself in response to the demands of the plugin. The only thing that still concerns me is the centralization of its infrastructure. Everything is working smoothly now but Akismet was only rolled out to the general public (albeit the general public with a API) a couple of days ago and only to those with a WordPress account. We'll have to see how it holds up under the stress of wide deployment over the next couple of months.

Crap. After writing all of that out I realized that I'm using it in conjunction with the wonderful wonderful wonderful Bad Behavior plugin which limits robot abuse. Hmmm. Guess a fair assessment would be pretty impossible but I'm happy that I don't have a whole lot to evaluate at the moment. I have yet to dig into the database of BB results to see what it's coming up with because I passionately hate dealing with phpMyadmin for anything more complex than dropping tables and the like. I realize that some people would be lost without tools like it but I'm definitely not the target audience for this sort of tool.

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  1. Digging through Bad Behavior’s records is on the table to be reworked for version 2. And you’re right; if you run Bad Behavior and Akismet in conjunction (which we now recommend) you shouldn’t see Akismet pick up very much, as Bad Behavior should be stopping most of the junk at the front door.

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