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Breadcrumbs, Dropped And Later Eaten By Birds

I always manage to wait until I have ten minutes left before I need to leave the house to want to post anything. This is mainly a link dump because I need to leave for band practice in fifteen minutes.

Suprglu apparently aggregates together all of your RSS and Atom resources into once place. Sounds like a fine idea but I can't figure out exactly what I would do with something like that. It sounds like it has some of the same goals as Flock. I hope it is more useful for people than Flock seems to be.

Peerflix is an idea that has crossed my mind on several occasions: why not just trade DVDs you own instead of renting them? Their system is a better design than the one I thought of because they actually provide insurance that you'll get what you're supposed to from other traders. I can't figure out what the cost per sale is from the site quite yet and I don't have a real reason to start an account there. I've signed up for so many accounts at various sites over the past year just to see how the guts work that I've lost the will to fill out forms and get bugged for doing nothing with my new account afterward. I'm sure someone else will have more salient commentary because that's all I have: straight out of my ass and straight to you.

Merge Records who I vaguely remember from the days when Superchunk was the next big thing has a fucking genius plan for dealing the divide between people who want to own vinyl and those who prefer their music in a more digital format: you buy the LP and there's a piece of paper inside that gives you instructions on how to download the whole record digitally. Sounds like a sane compromise to me.

I now have to leave in order to more totally destroy my hearing.

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