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And Then The Cat Ran Away With My Toothbrush

Too many mentions of the WSJ article about the $100 laptop folks at MIT declining Apple's offer of free OS X licenses have wandered into my field of vision today and the feigned surprise baffles me. What advantage could there possibly be in an option like that? School kids in economically underdeveloped countries aren't exactly a burgeoning market for Apple wares. Given the fact that the laptop was designed to accommodate a lack of available power you'd think most people would recognize the lack of demand for organizing digital photos or remixing audio or any of the other 'essential' iLife sorta functions. An operating system inexorably tied to (mostly) commercial software is next to useless in this application. I'm sure the ardent supporters will buy the next pointless iteration of an 'i' appended gadget, though, and that should cheer up poor old Steve Jobs. I wonder if they were really planning a build for that particular batch of hardware. I really hope that the included OS is indeed a Red Hat variant and not the latest version of Fedora Core. There is something a wee bit repulsive about that.

mooflex looks pretty cool but, then again, I'm making this judgement based on some screenshots and an incomplete list of features. Messing around with their own implementation of the site was impressive and I like the ideas behind its assembly. I'm going to file this one under Don't Forget so I can hopefully remember to check back on their progress in a month or two.

So, sleep?

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