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Another Asshole Epiphany

Turkey was eaten. It was the fried kind although as the number of our friends with infants/toddlers increases so does my uneasiness about the proximity of a huge cauldron of bubbling peanut oil heated to fuck-up-your-volcano temperatures. The other side of it is that I'm not a huge fan of holidays in general. I suppose there is too much fucked up childhood and clinging tenaciously to anti-whatever punk rock stuff for me to ever truly enjoy the ritualization of traditional American holidays. I do enjoy the gatherings (dislike people but enjoy gatherings -- go figure) but the psychosis that erupts in nearly every city in a mere few hours from now has always soured me on the entire season. In short, I have issues this time of year that feel approximate to Seasonal Affective Disorder. It might be depression if I wasn't so angry all of the time. Can you deepen disorientation?

Um, something a wee bit relevant?:

Diggdot is an ultra-mega aggregator of all things Slashdot, Digg, and and wrapped up into a giant wad of previously aggregated content. How much mileage can you get out of a link? Although I'm being as snide as I can be with a stomach that five hours later still feels like it might explode I'll probably still check this site out fairly often. That is one thing and possibly the only thing that I can say in favor of Slashdot: at least the front page isn't just a stack of links divided by CSS bars.

TopologiLinux is a Windows-friendly port of Slackware that will run on your NTFS partitions without any changes to the table. This will come in real handy if you've ever had the urge to run the oldest and most uncompromising Linux distribution on top of your spyware and virus biodome existing Windows install. With the number and quality of live CDs out there it's kind of curious that projects like these are still underway. Is this something that anyone reading this might actually do? That's a real question and I'd love to know the reasons why as well.

You can also buy a Lance Armstrong branded laptop from HP and part of your purchase price will be donated to his foundation. Unlike the plague of silicon derived bracelets that have invaded everything you can actually use this for something. I do wish that more products like these would abstain from plastering a logo on the top of the machine or at least give buyers the option of getting one without the huge model name emblazoned on the top. There is always the chance, however slight it may be, that I am just a crank.