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The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of ‘Demo Mode’

I had another asshole-ish realization today while randomly listening to bands I hadn't heard before on MySpace. Well, actually calling a sequencer, a drum machine and a smart ass kid a band is kind of a misnomer. Atom and His Package is only funny once and even then that is a bit of stretch. Again, I may stretching badly weathered punk rock-isms to a molecular level of thinness but I've always had this hard core belief that bands were at least in part about collaboration and the dynamics of interaction. The somewhat ironic part of this is that I'm advocating the supremacy of analog instrumentation but I still think of vinyl (especially of the 7" variety) as gumball machine prizes for kids with turntables that cost more money than all of my guitars and amplification put together. Well, I do like Aphex Twin so you can call me a hypocrite if you'd like. That doesn't mean I'll listen or anything but feel free to give it your best shot. No list of links for the obvious reasons...

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  1. Boards of Canada?

  2. Ok, yeah, so Boards of Canada as well. Damn it. My perfect plan is ruinified!

  3. Emperor Penguin?

    A long funny story that I will shorten to a sentence… my love of old (Remission era) Skinny Puppy is the sole reason I ever got into Big Black, which lead me to listen to 60% of what I listen to today. I was obsessed with electronic music and classic punk for most of my adolscence and it’s rare to find points where they meet.

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