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Finals And All…

So, I'm more than a little behind in answering mail. Unfortunately it is that magical, magical time that ends the semester and begins that gauntlet run of final exams. Tired would be one description but that isn't adequate because what I'm feeling is more akin to being burned out on everything. A co-worker was fiddling with a video game today that had all of these weird ambient bird chirping noises and I thought for a moment that I might have to smash his computer as simply unplugging or turning the volume knob to the appropriate setting for sanity wouldn't have been enough to express my true feeling. When you feel like you're a bit rabid and the balanced enough sound (so as not to be so treble laden that it would provoke violence from anyone over the age of nine) of birds makes you stare holes through the backs of heads it is far past time to go home and take a nap.

I also decided today that appending 'and all' to the end of a sentence to suggest inclusiveness is the redneck ellipsis. The person in question is apparently from Wyoming. As mentioned above, during our five minute conversation the 'a' (lowercase to make the obvious distinction between 'and all' and the atom bomb) bomb dropped at least twenty five times and I couldn't help but think that we might need to send this guy back to Wyoming in a bag. With duct tape covering his mouth. Just in case.

The nap is sounding like a better idea all the time.

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