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Finals are finished for what seems like the fiftieth time and after coming directly home from work hours early I just crashed for like six hours and feel remotely human for the first time in a couple of weeks. Rather than keeping a to do list as is my custom when confronted with a large number of things I want to write about I just made an enormous bookmark file that I now find filled with trash that is met with complete disinterest. That says something about weblogging and the power of distraction when doing distasteful work like studying for exams and writing papers. So:

The first isn't really a link to anything dull, tedious, and covered with more depth in a dozen other places. I finally bought a Playstation 2 after more than a year of sitting on my hands waiting for the price to drop somewhere in the vicinity of what I consider reasonable. In terms of dollars that is somewhere around a hundred bucks. That hasn't really happened yet despite all of the pre-PS3 hype in heavy circulation. Instead of waiting any longer I just worked the Amazon Mechanical Turk really hard for a month and a half until I had just about enough money to pay for it. Buying a game console that is pretty much worthless as anything other than a gaming machine seems more more palatable when you're only spending twenty dollars on it. This is also consistent with my tendency to stay well behind the curve in hardware as I'd rather have something less spectacular that I know is going to work. So, the tiny and somewhat cute black box sits in the living room in wait.The newer and smaller version of the console also has built in networking so that vast world of potty mouthed fourteen year olds is another distinct possibility for ongoing amusement and frustration. I still don't have a memory card for it and Final Fantasy X is on the way so I have a little time left before I begin aggressively erasing my brain. Speaking of which, any recommendations for PS2 rpg games that can be gotten on the cheap? I've been looking at Dark Cloud 2 as a possible next game if only because the latest entry in the Legacy of Kain series looks a little too much like the previous entry which was marred by the dullness of platform jumping and horrific camera angles. Both of those problems sometimes work together to make things next to impossible and eradicated any fandom for 3D games I might've had. Oh, yes I am very tired of looking at pictures of strip malls and album covers.

The Gentoo Installer Project has always interested me because after the first install the traditional process seems eternal and all of those stupid mistakes you've made in past installs come back to haunt you yet again. I've always been curious about what an end user is likely to encounter as the screen shots that I've seen haven't been terribly helpful thus far. I found this review of the installer much more helpful in that regard. I like the clarity that most of the screen shots have and the fact that it still has a text based install underneath all of the eyecandy for remote installs and whatnot. The partitioning utility is likely to be a big hit with those unwilling to use the more traditional tools. I'm going to do a reinstall of Gentoo on my main desktop machine over the Christmas break due to the Apache/MySQL breakage that I've bitched about in earlier posts so I might just give this installer a whirl for that. At very least it's something new that isn't staring at an ncurses interface for all of eternity.

I also bookmarked the which is more funny than useful. The assault of additions of words that are related to text messaging is not surprising but I was a little puzzled by how many people think that concatenating two words is like the height of humor. As always some of them are well thought out and pretty amusing but the bulk are just unrelated words mashed together. This would be more interesting if there was some kind of tagging system to avoid the phone speak and wordmashing. I imagine that even this limbo for bad terminology is a huge step for a company that creates dictionaries and this is probably the more literate version of shoot the thing and win a thing desirable to your demographic advertising on other sites. We like our entertainment cheap.

Speaking of those ads, LowEndMac has a worthwhile article on one man's quest to get a free Mini Mac and is pretty helpful if you wanted to try to work one of these scams to get some goodies. His total cost was actually a fraction of the asking price in both time and dollar expenditure so it basically worked out even if you factor in the spam and telemarketer calls he endured afterwards.

Uh, so Burt Reynolds Appreciation Day would be a fairly routine event at any big university but in the seminary setting it has even weirder overtones.

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