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When Bad Things Happen To Good Email

I cleaned out my mailbox pert near earlier today and I don't mean that in the good sense. I mean it in the oh shit, there go a couple hundred unanswered pieces of mail and surely some of it is from people that I haven't added to my address book sort of way. I have an excuse. Sort of. I switched all of my mail over to IMAP to intentionally avoid this sort of explosion of incompetence and look how much loss it's saved me already. Anyway, the main reason for this recurring disaster has a lot to do with fresh installs of Mozilla Thunderbird and the teaching curve that comes with the junk mail filtering baked into it. If you've ever set up Thunderbird with filtering you might remember that initially it picks next to everything out as spam and marks it as such. The problem for me is that I have a hard time differentiating between the various installs and how far along the junk mail learning really is. Dealing with mail on autopilot contributes to the problem as the delete mail marked junk and empty trash commands are ridiculously easy to whirl around like a wrecking ball filled with helium or something.

I'm never going to cure the bad synchronizations between various Linux installs because I mess around a fair amount. What would be really great is a way to conveniently import and export junk mail settings from one install to another to avoid the spastic clicking and subsequent deletion of mail I haven't answered much less read fully. Any clues?

Oh, and if you sent me mail recently that I haven't answered...

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