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The Literal Clash Between Quality And Quantity

I was dredging through the usual aggregated lists of boring shit that I've already seen a few times too many when this incredibly absorbing story about the CEO of Snapper (the lawn mowers, man) making the decision to sever ties with Wal-Mart. Seriously, go read it before you chalk it up as another working joe resisting the corporate behemoth story usually right before their operation goes under. This is a much more complex situation than the hypothetical one posed previously. The CEO of Snapper operates his business nearly as anally as you'd expect Wal-Wart to but is seriously focused on quality at high speed instead of the even faster production of crap that appeals only by pricing. I'm not sure that I'd even like the guy if I met him but the story is worth reading if only for the description of his meeting with Wal-Mart management and the details of how Snapper's production line works. Wier's position is probably a unique one for most people contemplating their immersion in the cult(ure) of Wal-marketing as his stand was ultimately not about distaste for the unsavory parts of Wal-Mart that we're all too familiar with but the realization that his company would have to start making disposable crap to further court the 'Mart. Like I said, interesting.

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  1. Thanks for posting a link to that article… I love stuff like that. Truthfully speaking, he probably saved 650 people their jobs. For folks like me who like to buy quality, American made products he convinced me I need to consider a Snapper if and when my infinitely borrowed Toro bites the big one.

    While researching espresso machines I found that the Krups XP4050 is made in the USA. That pretty much sold me on buying that machine, unless I find a killer deal on a European made model.

  2. Those “Made in the USA” labels don’t mean anything. That covers just about any territory that we’ve dug our fingers into. Granted, when it’s a cranky and anal retentive freak resisting offshoring for the sake of being a quality anal retentive freak then it does carry a bit more meaning.

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