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It’s Late. Time For A Terrible Idea.

The keyboard was filthy so it seemed like a good idea to tear it apart and start cleaning at midnight. I really wish that Happy Hacking/PFU still sold replacement key as I managed to break one of the fragile little tabs in the process of removing more than eighty keys. I guess I'll wait another couple of years before I think about attempting this again. That very future-tific looking surface is just a paper towel. It looks very 2001. That is the sole consolation for several hours and a lot of effort essentially wasted.

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  1. Too bad they don’t make them like the used to. Of course now you can buy them for $10, and after you’ve been around a little while you end up with entire boxes on the shelf labelled “extra keyboards”. Still, it was fun pulling off the the keys on my keyboard back in college and putting them back alphabetically. Really taught my roomate not to look at the keys any more.

  2. The upside is this: manufacturers are making more sturdy/featureful keyboards.

    The downside is: they’re expensive. The keyboard in the photos in this post was almost $80.

    Happy Hacking also has a keyboard with its ‘control key in the right place’ layout without any key labeling. Unfortunately, it costs nearly $300. There was another keyboard without printing on the keys that was mentioned in a few places. I’m on way too many different machines on a single given day to ever go without ’em.

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