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Simplicity Flaws

Yep. I think Donald Norman nails the Google interface pretty well which I've come to call spaghetti interface: the deceptively simple front end that does one job (which is great and doesn't necessarily need any qualification whatsoever) and one job only and effectively white washes the more complex tools available behind the box and logo. I've always disliked the 'more' page available after the main page and the necessary pause when you click through to it for the first time in months. Google works better and yields more real functionality as a service invoked from another piece of software entirely. Never mind the software Google actually peddles because I'm not a user of either of the big platform guns so my main use of even the search is through a browser usually.

What we need is an official cheat sheet that is, like Donald Norman talks about in his post, accessible by a click or even two and not by the frustrating process of the present navigational system. I often end up doing a search for the services that I can't remember how to call directly. That is terrible fucking design. Norman has it precisely when he faults Google for forcing you to learn a meta-language if you don't feel like hunting through several screens of a whole lotta text. This is me agreeing with a usability expert. Crazy. Mark your calendars. It happened on this day. The notion apparently threw emacs into such a tizzy that it crashed for the first time in a longer span of time than I can remember. That at least in terms of variety would be exciting if it wasn't so annoying.

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