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Sometimes, Robot, There Is No Business Plan

I have to say a big thanks to Tim Bray for providing a cogent antidote to the recent and annoying flood of "I'm an MBA and I know FOSS" articles that have appeared recently. Seriously, analysts, if you haven't the slightest clue about what might cause humans to do things they enjoy without some kind of cheese-moving type motivation or hope for direct profit for doing so you might want to submit to a Voigt-Kampff test or perhaps taking up a hobby that doesn't involve ingestion and regurgitation of themes already worn threadbare by overuse by the under-knowledgeable. I can't guarantee it but I'll venture a guess that it would improve your empathy rating and could possibly save your life or at least that withered thing filled with pitch you once called a soul from slumbering eternally in a vat of preservatives on the CEO's desk. How does that scan for wide eyed idealism?

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