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There’s Always Time For Mean Spirited Potshots

This is a quick link dump of things I messed around with today. Due to circumstances that totally suck I have to be back up and moving in a little less than five hours so:

Retrievr works surprisingly well and didn't yield many erroneous results when I drew a couple of shapes I thought would baffle and/or break it. The interface is a little clumsy as most web based pixel drawing tools are but you're scribbling a rough estimation of what you'd like to see as the subject of a photograph and not temporarily filling for Hieronymus Bosch so you'll have to forgive the occasional wackiness. The fact that you can add color to your sketch is pretty amazing. My use of the color picker was limited if only because I didn't notice it in the tool pile until pretty late into my excursion. Online retailers need to get on this sort of alternate search methodology quick and stop trying to vigorously stroke the AJAX genie out of the Web 2.0 bottle. Your customers don't give two fucks. They like finding things and better so for you if the stuff they want to find happens to belong to you. Then again, taking business advice from me is probably not the best idea you'll ever have like that time when you tried to have Double Dutch at the Christmas party or possibly worse.

Euronode is a great idea that just costs too damned much money. The gist: roll your own Debian-based CD through a web interface and a couple of different basic configurations and then download an ISO of whatever you've created. I signed up for an account just to step through the process and it seems to be thorough and offer enough options to make most people who need help setting up a basic Linux server happy. When I finished all of my configuration and reached the final page of the distro rolling I was unprepared for the gales of hysterical laughter that would come gushing out of me. Three hundred and something dollars. As I said, really great idea but outrageously overpriced for something that runs from a script. Maybe now would be the time for one of our current millionaire philanthropists to kick a little change into a free project like this. A free Euronode does exist but it just isn't as cool as the commercial version.

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