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But If You Pay Us We’ll Show You A Working Implementation

I'm finally sick with the cold that everyone else I know has already suffered through various versions of so I haven't done much other than sitting on the couch fooling with (and this means doing nothing particularly productive or interesting) my laptop. The one thing that did amuse me was the Tux Machines review of VLOS. It was well written as most things are featured on TM but the strange and somewhat pathetic state of Vida Linux (I assume the acronym simplifies into Vida Linux Operating System or something equally inane) and the frequent claims that the download and commercial versions are completely different animals and blah blah blah. Well, I've actually tried earlier versions of the same distribution and was not completely impressed although for completely different reasons. Basing your own commercial distribution on Gentoo and shipping (I promise that I will stop flinging around dot.comedy terms now) a broken version of gcc is not the way to win customers especially when the free version isn't adequately outfitted to begin with. According to their own announcement (on the front page of the site with no permalink action whatsoever), they are excited to add gcc-4.0.1 which probably won't work so swell with the normal Gentoo repositories since that version is masked. I guess they have their own binary repos that might work with a broken compiler but I wouldn't spend the money to find out.

Seriously, if you're going to make a non-functional version of your distribution wouldn't it make more sense to stick with a live cd that does keel over dead the first time someone actually tries to use it and doesn't make the premium version of your offering look like an even more extensive pile of broken software? At least with a working live cd you have the advantage of demonstrating what people might get if they paid to drink your Kool Aid. Oh well, at least it made for an entertaining read.

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