Team Murder No Brain No Headache.


The VI-Emacs Conflict Resolved!

A couple of things before I go to sleep:

GPLv4 is a very funny site that takes some theoretical whacks at what the next version of the GPL might cover. The nice part is that all of the links are legit and actually yield real information. There is also a footer that clearly states that the site is a joke. I wonder how many times this site will be submitted to Slashdot in the next 24 hours as something legitimate. I need to remember to keep an eye on this site for changes.

Here's something I didn't anticipate seeing: an attempt to defend Web2.0 as valid terminology and some good responses from his readers. When we have time to argue over terms, especially terms as vague and self-congratulatory as the aforementioned, then the actual technology it refers to is probably stagnating. Flavor of the month is still just that even when it encapsulates some of the things you care about.

NXSYS is a simulator for the NYC subway system. The mere fact that you can mess with the switches and trains really makes me want to fire up a Windows box at work tomorrow so I can tinker with this. I might also try installing it with Wine as well and if that is successful I will pass the news along. The realism extends to places we might not appreciate fully and simulates the safety features of the system. So, no crashing but still worth a once over.

Nyquil again so I must go crash before things get even fuzzier...

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