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Good News For Horrible Monsters

The best news I've heard all weekend is that David Wellington has a new serial novel in progress called Thirteen Bullets. This time the plot revolves around vampires instead of the living dead but given the quality of Wellington's other work I'll start reading it as soon as this exam business is finished.

One of the other serial novels, Monster Island, will soon be committed to the dead tree format which is also fabulous news as it was my favorite of the Monster series. It's available for pre-order from the usual suspects but I will probably have to wait as in the past a swarm of pre-orders became available in a short period of time and nearly emptied out my feeble bank account. I am really glad that these books are actually seeing print as many really terrible zombie books are already out there. We could use more quality in a genre over run by hacks and fan-fiction-nistas.

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