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Nothing interesting to report here but there are a few petty annoyances that have stacked up over the past couple of days that I thought I might write a little about and clear my thought processes for really important things like video games and reading David Moody's Autumn novels instead.

Kottke got all cranky about an article written about the atrocious design/style of various very popular and otherwise useful websites. I basically agree with Andy Rutledge's assessment (apart from the quibbling over terminology that seems the true root of the objections mentioned by the sensitive purveyor above) of the sites he's talking about and his idea that many things succeed despite bad design instead of that utilitarian-as-aesthetic laziness being an essential ingredient. Google is ugly but no one actually looks at the presentation. I can't remember the last time I actually loaded directly into a browser as I use the baked in search box in Firefox to go directly to results. I miss the seasonal logos but, again, I see that as more of an unexpected bonus than essential content that I'm missing out on.

The weird part is that his entire rant (as he terms it here in an apology for sorts which is odd since the magazine is more at fault for their editorial choices than he is for what he posts to his weblog) is an offhanded compliment to the many very popular eyesores that people subject themselves to by choice and that bad simple design is a better error than the endlessly convoluted and nearly baroque bad design you commonly see on worthless portfolio sites (possibly the GeoCities 'home page' of this decade). Part of me is always going to feel that the term 'design' will never overcome the dilution and endless stretching like taffy that it got in the early 1990's by every dipshit in the world with a pirated copy of Pagemaker who worked as a print designer by slopping ovals around text and gouging innocent eyes with the overuse of gradients. I'll grant that as a former printer who had to actually make this brand of brokenness run through a printing press I have an entirely jaundiced eye that doesn't take kindly to high-horseplay and will personally travel to fatten the lip of anyone who preaches the design gospel and knows nothing about trapping or registration marks or not using six point serif text knocked out a band of solid black or doesn't know that a metallic color without white space around it is going to look like brown or grey no matter how much of your trust fund and color theory you throw at it. I'm glad that people full of terribly ideas of how things should function are drinking the simplicity KoolAid these days because, at very least, the things they're responsible for will have a gut level of functionality. I'm a broken person that requires insulin injections simply to get accumulated sugar out of my blood before it kills me. I'm willing to do that in order to continue to live but when it comes to a web site... I can say that in addition to things like 'suckass' because I'm not selling you anything much less the illusion that I am some kind of professional that you should give your money to for my compiled lists of links and whatnot.

I've also been attempting to field some rather strange criticisms of my old band Midcentury via our MySpace page. There are still some songs up there and blah blah blah. The smack talking had to do with our CD and my allegedly elitist methodology for its distribution. The strange part here is that the CD was never an official release or anything; it has no packaging and isn't manufactured. I made copies of it to give away at shows to anyone who asked. We never played outside of Denver and only played a double handful of shows in any case. All of the songs are licensed under a Creative Commons license so you can rip mp3s of those songs and do whatever the fuck you want with them other than something that involves money changing hands. I obviously still have the songs so if you're all weird and obsessive about bands that no one else on the planet cares about leave a comment attached here and I will gladly send you a CDR for the cost of postage. Yeesh. Is that shiny, happy, and inclusive enough? Maybe I could burn a hug and/or support group on an additional CD or do you think you could just get over the idea that a group of people who sometimes play musical instruments don't think about past formations a year after they've ceased to be?

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  1. Did you ever find a bassist for the new project?

  2. Yeah. We picked up an old co-worker of mine who is actually working out really well despite the fact that he plays a six string bass. It is pretty rare to find someone with an instrument normally reserved for funk metal and weird old white guys who buy CDs from the ‘world beat’ section who actually knows when to play root notes.

    The vocals position is still vacant. I don’t worry much about that but the other guys are allegedly thinking about it. Vocals are overrated.

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