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The Post Publishing Problem Explained If Not Solved

Hey. Someone has finally put together an explanation about the forever seeming delay between pushing the magic publish button in WordPress and having the page load again and it comes as kind of relief although it also affirms my own suspicions. Apparently Pingomatic is causing some of the delays. I'm a little too lazy to care about manually futzing with ping sites, the use of a tabbed browser means that I switch to other things or another desktop and do other necessary crap while waiting for Pingomatic to shed its temporary narcolepsy. I'll probably wait until the patch mentioned in the comments of the above post makes it into a release as I post infrequently at best and am easily distracted by adjacent tabs or a rampaging cat so that short wait isn't a sticking point for me. If you're one of those alpha-weblogger assholes there are good instructions for disabling the Pingomatic script and what you might replace that entry with. I'm curious how long this one will take to post...

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