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Bow Before Zod You Crappy Ass Beta

I downloaded the new version of the mostly ignored and largely forgotten Flock browser. The beta thing is obviously still in effect and the bookmarks (or 'starring' if you've new to the web and a bit of a simpleton) are a freakishly useful steaming pile of train wreck. The performance overall seems a lot snappier than the first couple versions I downloaded, fiddled with, and then deleted but I don't think this fella will stake any claims on my precious hard drive space either. That whole bookmarks thing is pretty inexcusable and especially since Flock actually has an 'import settings' song and dance the first time you fire it up. It may well have one the second time around as well but I already sent it to the Web 2.0 phantom zone where Zod will be its new master. I'm going to wait until they have an actual release to really dig in because the present pre-releases feel like the developers are fucking around and having fun. That is usually a good start. I just don't have that sort of along-for-the-ride patience when it comes to a web browser. Still no themes to speak of so it still looks like something Mandriva hacked up after a rough night in the red light district.

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