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Problems Faced When Exploring Planet Fruity

I hacked on getting Symantec/Norton Anti Virus working on the OS X machines yesterday and it was an exercise in utter frustration for a couple of different reasons. One, the filesystem of OS X is a goddamned mess being splintered between userland names for directories that include spaces and camel-casing and the traditional Unix directory structure that is really, really quick and simple to navigate once you're accustomed to it. The eventual goal was to enable the client machines to grab definitions and other updates from a local server instead of the Symantec/Norton servers as they're usually ass slow and prone to dropping connections and the like. After checking all of the configuration files, which are spread out over the tree like fly shit, and editing them appropriately we're able to fetch the updates but can't get any further than that as NAV issues a typically cryptic error made worse by the alleged friendliness of OS X: NAV has encountered an error. Wonderful. I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with permissions since updates are indeed yanked into the tmp directory but the application dies before it can unpack them or before a log can be written. The lack of log is what makes me think that permissions might be an issue. The lack of log is also what keeps me from figuring out what is crashing the application. I spent roughly forty minutes dinking around with this with a handsome majority wasted searching around for folks who'd encountered the same problem as I was wallowing in. The problem with trying to find help is that most people set their Apple boxen up as single user environments so their instructions are often more careless with permissions than I can afford to be with machines intended for use in computer labs. What am I doing wrong here?

Side Note
I also had someone ask while I was fiddling why a college campus even needed malware/virus protection for the Apples. Man, when there really is a trojan more dangerous than proof of concept jaws are going to hit the floor. Don't forget that the legacy Mac OS had plenty of problems with viruses in the past although it seemed people who used them were a little less reticent and arrogant about taking protective measures to protect themselves as opposed to now when you talk about security stuff and people start babbling about fucking iPod accessories. Seriously, if it wasn't part of my job I could not spare a single fuck about PEBKAC problems like these.

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